The art of looking beautiful

The art of looking beautiful

Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?

Sylvia Watson

Permanent makeup tattoos are the latest celebrity fad.  But is permanent makeup really for you?  If you're undecided, here are a few things to think about before you take the permanent plunge.

  1. Infection can be a problem - Permanent makeup on your face is akin to having a tattoo elsewhere on your body, and as such it carries the same element of risk.  The application process is effectively an invasive procedure during which a needle is used to apply ink beneath the skin.  Infections can be transmitted from both the needle and the inks which could result in permanent skin damage.  
  2. You get what you pay for - It is really not a good idea to choose somewhere cheap to have your permanent makeup applied.  What you save in the short term you could end up paying for in the long run.   Poor hygiene and technique could land you with health problems like infections, and if the end result is not what you hoped for, you could well finish up having to go to a more expensive clinic to get the job done again. If you don't feel comfortable at any point before or even during the procedure, don't be afraid to cancel and leave.  Remember, the tattoos are permanent; and they're on your face!  
  3. Choose a natural look - Remember that the look you choose will be permanent.  Always go for a natural look over something more drastic.  The full Goth treatment might be what you want now, but how will you feel about it a few years from now?  
  4. Ask to see 'before and after' photos - When you visit the clinic for a consultation, always ask to see photos of the technician's previous work; preferably before and after.  Anyone who is good at what they do should be more than happy to show you pictures of their work.  Any reluctance should be viewed with caution and you would be well-advised to go elsewhere.  
  5. Permanent makeup can cause allergic reactions - The dyes and inks used in makeup tattooing can cause allergic reactions in some people.  Once the allergen, i.e. the ink or dye, is permanently embedded in the skin, it's too late.  If you have an allergy, you could end up with a constant soreness, inflammation and itching around the tattoo.  
  6. The recovery and healing process can take time - Your tattoos will take a couple of months to heal, and the older you are the longer the healing process takes.  You'll also need a 'touch-up' as it's quite normal for the colour to become uneven or patchy. Even permanent makeup is subject to fading over time.  You can protect your tattoos by applying a high factor sunscreen and keeping your face shaded in hot sunny weather.  You'll need to avoid using skin exfoliators on your face, and you'll have to cover your makeup with Vaseline or a similar barrier product when swimming in the sea or a pool to prevent fading.  
  7. Permanent makeup is not easy to remove - Perhaps the most important thing to be aware of is that it's not easy to remove permanent makeup once it's there.  Laser removal is not reliable and usually only fades tattoos rather than removing them completely.  It's also not safe to laser around your eyes, and that means that you'll never get rid of that bright red eyeliner you chose!

In conclusion

Permanent makeup cosmetic treatments might seem to be a great way of saving the time and money you spend on continually reapplying your war-paint.  However, there are a number of drawbacks you might want to consider before you go ahead.


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