The art of looking beautiful

The art of looking beautiful

  • Guide To Tangle-Free Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are a perfect way of giving your hair length and body, without having to wait months for it to grow.  One problem often encountered by new extension wearers is tangling.  You can prevent your new extensions from succumbing to the tangles by following these top tips! Why do hair extensions tangle? There are a few reasons why hair extensions become tangled including: humidity and dampness product build-up using the wrong type of product poor hair care regime allowing the extensions to become very dry In order to protect your investment and keep your extensions looking great, follow these anti-tangling care tips.

  • Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?

    Permanent makeup tattoos are the latest celebrity fad.  But is permanent makeup really for you?  If you're undecided, here are a few things to think about before you take the permanent plunge. Infection can be a problem - Permanent makeup on your face is akin to having a tattoo elsewhere on your body, and as such it carries the same element of risk.  The application process is effectively an invasive procedure during which a needle is used to apply ink beneath the skin.

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The art of looking beautiful

I love the changes that makeup makes to my face. I can take beauty products and go from looking tired and flat to glamorous and interesting in just a few minutes. It's amazing how much information is online now, teaching you how to apply makeup better. It's great but sometimes a bit overwhelming, particularly if you are just looking for some everyday makeup tips. This is my beauty site, and it has some tips on finding great products and ways to look exactly like you - just more beautiful. Who doesn't want to feel a bit more beautiful day to day.